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BUG, I can't see notes or edit

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Did you try clicking on the note list (sidebar)?  It seems to have the effect of refreshing the note list (just observation, not sure if that's how it's supposed to work).

If that fails, try closing and opening the program.

It is a buggy program, I strongly suggest to run the legacy version together with the new version.

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I faced a similar problem this morning with version 10.1.7, but in my case it was not the latest notes but all of them that I was not able to see their content.

I went to task manager and kill all my evernote process.  Then I was able to restart it and access my notes once again.

In my case, Evernote has been started yesterday and I put my computer to sleep and go this situation in the morning.

After doing so, I haven`t face the problem during the remaining of the day.

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THis has been an issue since the Beta releases. Once it hapens my only solution has been to Quit the program (right click on the icon in the task bar - Quit Evernote) and then relaunch.  Of course you could reboot the PC too ;)


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