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Changing the language settings WITHIN the app WITHOUT having to change the system language



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Not a very "orthodox" way of doing it, but you can set it to English by removing the other language files from the installation folder, thus forcing the app to use the English.

  • Normal installation: C:\Users\{your_user}\AppData\Local\Programs\Evernote\locales
  • Windows Store: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Evernote.Evernote_10.20.4.0_x86__q4d96b2w5wcc2\app\locales
    • Mind that these are the default locations, so it may be in a different folder depending on wich version you have or if you have chosen a different location for during the installation process.

Wish it could be a setting you could choose from. I'm not allowed to change the language of my Windows due to company policies, but I like using the English language for practicing and keeping in touch with the language.

Hope it helps :)

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I totally agree, I just spent an hour on trying to get rid of the red underlining as I am typing in dutch and the language check is english. I even reset my windows language to dutch bu that does nog work either. Please fix this as fast as possible. I am a premium user.



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Yes I totally agree with this request. Although in previous versions of Evernote (on a MAC at least) this was available from a menu point, it seems to have disappeared as of a couple of months ago (currently on 10.5.7). This is a show stopper for me and I presume many others who work in more than one language and need to constantly change from one to the other. 

On many MAC apps, this language switcher is accessed by the handy Command-Shift-: . It would be very nice if Evernote did the same, but I'd settle for the old menu point to bring up the language switcher to save the day.




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I'm stuck on this same issue using evernote in the browser and in the app.  This is a definite deal breaker as I need towrite notes in both english and spanish.  Has anyone found a workaround?  I love evernote, but this could be the end of my premium subscription

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Wasted a lot of time searching for the language setting of the spelling checker, because I couldn't imagine that you have a spelling checker and it is fixed to English! Please make it available in more languages. (No; it is not possible to change the language of the operating system, that should be English).

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Versie 10.xx is around for so long time already,  but due to thing like described above and much more, I can still NOT MOVE FROM VERSION 6.X TO VERSION 10.X.

I thinks it's time to look around for alternatives, since Evernote is not fixing bugs in version 6.x and moving upwards to version 10.x is still no option for me since this version is lacking so much we had in version 6.x.


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EN makes use of system resources for the spell checker, like using the installed dictionary function.

It should be possible to bring along an integrated function - however this means to build a new functional block into the app. Is this likely ? Let us wait and see. Most users will have their system set to the same language they use for their note taking. V10 is still lacking some core functions, like printing, that are important for all users. I think EN will focus to get these implemented.

Currently legacy is the workaround, as it is for several other use cases.

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