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Moving a note is slow and inefficient

Ian Patterson


Both the design and the implementation of moving a note slow and inefficient :

On My Ipad, lets say I have a note in my default folder and want to move it. The following happens:

- I click on the default folder name at the top of the note itself

- it bring up a pop up at the bottom

- I select Move Note

- a bigger dialogue pops up with list of my folders. No shortcuts or recently used folders are listed, just a long list.

- frequently the folder list is slow to render, and first renders with Lock symbols next to each one, and then it re rernders without them. They’re all mine, and none are shared. I can’t remember when I last changed permission of a folder, if ever. If I try to select a folder in that first render, it fails. I have to wait.

- I scroll down, or type some letters to find it, and then select it.

This is both slow, and a big step back from the previous version.

- let me see my recent folders, or my shortcut folders, or both. Don’t make me search or scrolll. Or have to rename them to get them at top of list.

- and please fix the speed. This is on a late 2017 iPad Pro. Its not a slow machine.

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