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(Archived) Adding data to encrypted note on mobile

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I am new to Evernote and so far it is great except I have one issue. I only have a few encrypted notes but I add info to them regularly. I can decrypt them to view easily enough on my mobile (Android by the way) which is great, but I cannot add into the encrypted information on mobile. When I add in data it stays outside the protected part until I come back to my desktop and cut and paste it inside the encrypted area. This means my new data is viewable until that time which is certainly not ideal. Once I decrypt the note on mobile I should be able to edit it in any way I want and them when I close the note it encrypts the note again. So the difference is encrypting the note rather than just some words inside the note. I have been using OI Notepad and OI Safe until now and that is how that program works. Is there a workaround to allow this or can I do something to make this possible. I find that a serious issue.

Thank you for any thoughts,


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