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Missing content after the update

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Hi, yesterday my Evernote updated automatically and when I tried to look for some content I created last Tuesday it was missing. Is there any way to recover missing content? 

I already checked the trash and it's not there since it wasn't the whole notebook but just content in one of the exisitng notebooks.

Any help much appreciated

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I too had this same issue and lost over a month worth of important class notes.

Hopefully there is a way to recover these files as that was many hours worth of note taking wasted.

I can't help with your issue but wanted to post to show this likely isn't just an isolated problem.

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If the lost content was created under version 10, I'd suggest a support ticket.  If earlier, you could try installing the legacy version, then try some of the Ctrl-Help utilities (best done under guidance from EN support, but I do this once in a while, particularly 'Fix selected notes' and 'Optimize Database').

Standard disclaimer: doing this can cause you to lose some or all data, so back it up first, and maybe search the forums for more information (although I simply learned by trial and error).

Before trying the above, you should probably do the following first: on the sort fields (legacy version), make the Sync field visible, then sort by Sync, you should be able to see which notes are not on the cloud yet (the ones with dots on that field).

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