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Excessive CPU and RAM usage - Evernote lag



A heavy Evernote is not what we want. 

Version 6.25 was much lighter. 

How many computers and users can be lost by using this heavy version of Evernote 10? Doesn't that worry you? 



And even comparing the processing levels (with Notion), we see a slow Evernote (in comparison with Notion). I hope that in the future updates will take up less processing. 


We are entering a digital vulnerability. And the new versions of Evernote seem to accentuate that. 

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I'm seeing 430 MB during usage and about 600 MB right after starting the new Evernote (version 10.4.4, Windows 10). I'm also experienceing more lag.

Could somebody explain why Evernote needs so many ressources now and how this might be mitigated? Are there plans to make Evernote more lean again?

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The new version is practically a browser (Chromium-based, if I am not mistaken) covered by an app outfit.

And Chrome is not really known to go easy on resources ...

Maybe they will polish this in a future release a bit. But it will always need more resources than a native app. Advantage: It can run the same client on different platforms. The Browser „engine“ takes care of that.

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