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New notes now focus *body* instead of *title*. How to change back?



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I'm indifferent to this particular change, I think it has Pros and Cons, although I understand why a change in functionality would irritate some people.

But a small workaround which might make your life easier is use Shift-Tab to move to the subject line after creating a note. This is helpful if you create a note from the keyboard and want to efficiently move to the title without taking your hands off the keyboard.

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Completely agree. Same applies for iOS. And basically any kind of capturing (EN Helper when it is available again, Apple Watch when it is available again ...). Please let people choose what best fits to their workflow or start with the title. Starting with body is really unintuitive.

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This is really bad and connected with another bug I reported elsewhere. If one browses with key up and down the note list and suddenly hits a note without body, the cursor jumps automatically to the note body and I can no longer use key up and down.

I looks like a badly designed and implemented shortcut to start quickly typing in the body.

I want to be able to have notes with only a title without being forced to edit the body (i.e. like a quick reminder or todo)

If EN is really into forcing users to write a body in the note, well then I suggest to remove the Title field entirely.

Whatever is written on the very first line of the body could be considered the "tile" metadata and treated as such im views, api and so on. Not a a pretty solution but in line with some other twists we are experiencing in the product


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22 hours ago, davidjconnolly said:

Has anybody found a solution to this?  It interrupts my workflow and adds a click to evert note I create, driving me crazy after years of CTRL-N -> Start typing

Shift-Tab is the only workaround that I'm aware of, as I mentioned further up thread:


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Hate the new change that places focus in body. What UX "designer" thought this would be a good idea, particularly with no way to toggle it in the now nonexistent options?

Please fix this asap by either reverting to how it was (i.e., focus in title on new note) or make a way for us to toggle focus between title or body.

Do you review these changes with customers before pushing them out to everyone?

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+1 on these: 

1) Why doesn't it focus the title anymore for new notes (Mac/Evernote 10.4.4) ? I'm more likely to end up with a bunch of untitled notes if you encourage me to write note first, title later. 

2) Speaking of which... where did preferences go...? Do we not need them anymore? Because if we're having different opinions about #1, then i think we need them. 

I'm not a forum user; this issue is bothering me enough that created an account here. Thanks for your consideration. 

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