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Automatic note titles



I can’t decide if I’m imagining this or not. On the old Evernote, if you just started typing in the body of the note, did it automatically name the note whatever you typed in the first line? I seem to remember it doing this but it might be thinking of something else. Now it just leaves it as “Untitled note” so all my notes have the same name but I can’t remember if it always did this. 
Anyway whether it did this before or not, it would be good if it could automatically give it a name if you don’t choose one explicitly. In my usage I’d say 75% of my notes are just quick notes with a couple of lines. It slows everything down if I have to give it a separate title, but I can’t easily find it again if I don’t because it has the same name as all the rest.
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You are right - and this is pretty annoying !

This is a note-taking app, so this is what I do quite frequently.

At the end of the day, I end up with dozend's of "untitled" notes .... rather bogus.

I the (legacy) windows version you could even set an option to start the typing in the title directly after creating a new note ! This was great !!!

PLEASE, get this feature back !!!

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There is no "first line" setting in the Version 10 product

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I the (legacy) windows version the first line of text content would automatically fill in the title directly after creating a new note ! This was great !!! I'm wondering why was this feature removed 🤔

PLEASE, get this feature back !!!

EN has a lot of great features, and automatic note title from the first line of content is surely missed! 😒

Thank you!!!

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Using iOS, Evernote app version 10+, it seems the note title is no longer defaulted from the first line of content in the note.  I wonder if this is a setting I haven't found, or it's functionality that's been removed?


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