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After creating new note, *2* taps are now required to return to list — Not an improvement

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In the previous iOS version, when we were finished creating a new note, we could simply hit the back arrow to simultaneously save the note and return to the note list. (Otherwise, the note was automatically saved without an explicit "save" action.)

Now, there's a green checkmark that saves the note—but we aren't then returned to the note list. After saving, an arrow appears, and a 2nd tap is now required to return to the note. While it's just one extra tap, that's one extra tap per note—and when creating many notes, that's now twice the work.

This is questionable design. When notes are saved automatically (or they have been for years and years), what is gained by now requiring this extra step? (It's clear what we've lost.) Why must saving and returning to the list now be two, separate actions?

When designing updates, is no thought given to whether the new design creates MORE work for the user than the previous design?

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