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Note Creation Date update problem

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At 17:26 on Friday Oct 16th I have a note in my "This Week" notebook which in the Note Info shows that:

it was updated at 09:10AM on Fri 16rh Oct - correct!

it now has a creation date of Sat 17th Oct @ 09:02 (as a result of the recorded update) - correct!

However, in the Note list, the creation date for the note is shown as "15 hours ago",  i.e.  02:26 Fri 16th Oct.... -NOT Correct!!!

I think there's a bug in the how the creation date is displayed - is there a time-zone issue or something?


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To expand on this problem, in the first screen shot (ENv10 Note List 1.png), I;ve selected the second note in the list ("Garage Sort") which is displayed in the Note pane where it shows it was last updated on Oct 20th 2020. In the Note List [ane, the creation date is shown as "18 hours ago", but this screen shot was taken before 15:00 on 20th Oct, so 18 hours ago is actually 19th October. 

In the second screen shot (ENv10 Note List 2.png) you can see the Note Info for the selected note which shows that I had already edited the Note Creation Date to become 21st October.

So the date shown in the Created column of the Note List does not seem to near a relationship with what is shown on the Note Info display.

There is some bug here which doesn't seem to interpret the Creation Date correctly in the Note List.

I think this needs fixing.


ENv10 Note List 1.png

ENv10 Note List 2.png

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