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Can't enlarge a .PNG big enough to read

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Evernote for Mac 7.14
Evernote for iPad (most current version available from iPad updates)  iPadOS 14.2 beta  MacOS catalina 10.15.7  iMac

I did a screen shot on my iPad and sent it to Evernote.  When I open Evernote for Mac, the .PNG is too small to read and it can't be enlarged. On the list view pane, I do see the green bars and grab square but I can only shrink it.  When I open the note, I can't enlarge or shrink it. See attached. Top image in list viewing pane and bottom image with note opened to screen.2119674683_ScreenShot2020-10-16at10_46_27.thumb.jpg.a07f7d0f2839788600a1dab7e065c75f.jpg1956927771_ScreenShot2020-10-16at10_46_35.thumb.jpg.e3b64e544ece57dabcabfb5e269b2ff9.jpg

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Probably because there is no zoom function, at least none that allows more than 100%.

Another issue on the list of broken functions, I assume. But if you could enlarge it, it would still not be ledgible, if the png in the post here in the forum is identical to the original picture.

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