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Stacks, Substacks or Folder (Notebook) Hierarchy - LACK of Essential Feature

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I don’t understand why this feature is STILL missing in Evernote. Upon doing a search in this community forum, I see that it is a major problem with users and has been requested for years. Does the tech team at the company not listen to their paid subscribers at all? I was very hopeful that this software would help me in organizing medical journal research articles and I could file them in stacks. For example a stacked hierarchy like this in Evernote on my IPad and Mac laptop -  MEDICAL: ORTHOPEDIC: HIP: HIP IMPINGEMENT ARTICLES or MEDICAL: ORTHOPEDIC: HIP: HIP SURGEONS. 

It seems like that would be a simple feature to add!

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58 minutes ago, Allison A Nash said:

I don’t understand why this feature is STILL missing in Evernote. (Folder Hierarchy)

Welcome to the discussion forums
The request discussion for notebook hierarchy is Here

Since you posted in the Organization Discussion forum, I'll discuss organization and folders   
Organizing documents by folders is an archaic legacy from paper use and filing cabinets

Evernote does not support organization by folders   
Instead, we are provided two note metadata fields; Notebooks and Tags   
with Tags being the primary organization tool

Users have emulated folders using the Notebook/Tag trees    
With Notebooks, we get two levels (stacks/notebooks)   
With Tags, we get unlimited levels (parent-child hierarchy)

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But... the latest version has badly broken tags:

  • Notes that have a tag, where that tag also has sub-tags, are not visible when browsing tags.
    • This is equivalent to a file system where you can have either files or directories in a directory, but not both
    • I had to create a bunch of new subtags, and then tediously - not by drag and drop - move the notes to the subtags (by adding the subtag to the each note, then removing the former tag). Until I discovered this anomaly, I was mystified about why sometimes I would see a note, and other times it would not be visible where I expected it.
  • The Mac UI is lacking - right click does nothing. Drag and drop in the tag world is not provided.
    If you use the "Tags" view to do anything, there is no way to get back to where you were in it when it takes you somewhere

Also, the UI seems to favor stacks/notebooks over tags, as far as usability.

Also, the statement "Organizing documents by folders is an archaic legacy from paper use and filing cabinets"  is offensive. Believe it or not, humans have used hierarchies for a lot more than paper and filing cabinets. If you prefer tags, fine, but insulting those of us who use hierarchies is misplaced. When you write code, do you just have a mainline and one level of subroutines/functions? I doubt it!

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