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Tag Window Preferred



Barry's 10.1.4 post & the update reveals no coming change for tags.
EV needs a Tag Window that allows for comprehensive Tag Editing.
I'd love to hear that a better Tag editing system is being given serious attention. Better yet, I'd enjoy knowing it is tasked for a coming update.
Step 1
Return to a tag window with functions as it was in 7.14.
Step 2
Merge multiple tags
Move multiple tags
Rename multiple tags
Step 2 Section 2
Add these tag editing functions in the Tag pop-up menu accessed through a notes Tag-bar at the bottom of a note.
Most all new tags are created in the Notes Tag-bar. I use a Tag Hierarchy system. I will have to go to the Tag-tab in order to "Move" this new tag.
Thus all 10 of the newly Add +Tags with people's names from the Boston 2020 meeting will have to be "Move tag..." one at a time from the Tag-Tab. This is just painful.
I create unnecessary tags due to the lack of a full listing of all tags containing the search characters.
Type - wri "
Get = write, writing, written criticism.
The pop-up List is missing the existing tag = Hemingway writing.
I create unnecessary tag ie = Writing Hemingway.
[This next part is fiction hoping to become fact]
Realizing my error and while still in the notes Tag-bar menu pop-up, I choose "Merge", and the note is now in Hemingway writing and Writing Hemingway is deleted in a few clicks, no window changes. Obviously, I can easily do a similar action from the Tag-bar, but I'd like to do the Merge (Combine) Tag and TAGS from the Tag Window, as part of a comprehensive Tag Editor.
Will I soon see any progress this way?
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