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(Archived) Backing-Up Two Computers



I have a dumb question , if I use two computers with Evernote a Desktop ( main Data Base ) and Laptop. If I import a PDF on my laptop in a ( Synced Notebook ) does it get saved on my Desk top as well . Which data base should I back up ? Or should I backup both ?

Lou Recine

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If you put a note into a normal (synchronized) notebook on either computer, that note will go up to our servers automatically the next time that computer synchronizes.

Then, if you sync from the other computer, the note will be copied down to the second computer automatically.

So you don't strictly need to back up either database manually, but I find that it's a good idea to just keep a backup of at least your Mac "home" directory via something like Time Machine. Since Evernote stores its data in your Mac home directory (under: Library / Application Support / Evernote), that will back up your Evernote data automatically.

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