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10.1 update - my evernote says no update

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Hi I read the release notes for 10.1 for windows but when I check my evernote on my PC for an update it says 10.0.10 is the most recent update and I am up to date.  Anyone have any idea why Evernote cant find the update?

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We've seen this consistently thoughout the preview and beta stages. It takes a while for it to roll out (as stated in the announcement). I don't know what the priority is based on but may well be geographical with the USA going first. Mine has not updated yet either.

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I got a notification that there was an update while using v10.0.1.

Update installed and I'm now using v10.1/4 build 1880.

It's a shame that the "release Notes" aren't clear as to what has changed,
BUT you can now edit the Note Info!!! which means you can edit the Date Note Created field wgich is a major element in my workflow. That means I canm now make more use of the new version without having to switch over to the v6.25 install for that feature.

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Thanks Dave-in-Decatur.

Having hot the update I expected to be able to click on the "About" option I  the Menu and see more detail about the new version - or at least a link to more info. I found the forum post you cited just before I read your post by doing a Google search on "Evernote v10.1".  Just thought EN would make these updates more public.

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