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Two issues on testing version 10 together with the legacy version

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I was on the beta test for the new Windows version, and I liked that it could be installed beside the legacy version.  But on the new release, there are two issues concerning running both versions together, which I have not seen discussed:

1-On my Win10 computer, installing version 10 removes the legacy version (I have read reports of others not experiencing this).

2-After reinstalling the legacy version, some note links clicked on the legacy version open within the program, and some open on version 10.  I can repeat this on reinstallation (using the Ctrl-Help utilities seems to have no effect on this issue), and it happens regardless of whether version 10 is running or not.

The first issue mainly affects having to go through that again every time there is a new version 10. 

The second issue can make having both versions installed on the same computer an impossible matter.

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24 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Hi - did you use the Legacy Link to install your 'old' version?  I ask because I would hope that the legacy app 6.25.2 is housebroken enough not to interfere with v10,  The previous public issue of Evernote for Windows was 6.25.1



Yes, I did that, had the issues mentioned.  I removed version 10 and installed version 6.25.2, then decided to reinstall version 10.  6.25.2 still got removed.  At the time I posted this, I was thinking to uninstall version 10 periodically, because I found the bugs intolerable for regular use.

Eventually I decided to run both for the time being (as long as I don't lose data).

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8 hours ago, Don Dz said:

 6.25.2 still got removed.

It seems to be a 'feature' of the installer that it will remove everything left over from previous versions - including unsynced Local Notes - with only a brief warning.  I would definitely prefer to see a reminder of what local notes actually are in there somewhere - along the lines of "these unsynced notes exist ONLY in your local storage.  Either export and save them elsewhere,  or sync them to v10".  There should also be an unusually strong 'are you sure?' / 'are you really REALLY sure? This will delete those notes!!' warning before install goes ahead.  Or - y'know - being steely eyed coding persons,  they might even set up an export and backup process as a recommended option!!

Given that the old software is being wiped,  it would make sense for v10 to reset any system defaults that it uses to v10 rather than the previous version - hence I guess,  the occasional confusion between which Evernote to use.

Don't know if Evernote will regard this as much of a priority to fix,  but if the devs are reading these forums... maybe...

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