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(Archived) EN 2 beta: list view request, and a few bugs


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Great work with the new EN for Android! The ability to have all of my notes "in my pocket" is superb! I've only briefly evaluated it, but I have a few comments:

  • [*:30qhft2v]Detail and thumbnail view are great, but how about a simple list mode as well! Most of my notes are text, and the thumbnail is just an extra download and wastes screen real estate.
    [*:30qhft2v] When viewing "All notes" (~1000) the scroll bar doesn't really work - when I drag and release to say half way down my screen, it doesn't drop my half way through my notes. Also, it would be great to have a pop-up during dragging the scroll bar to give month/year say (if sorted by date), and by letter in title order etc.
    [*:30qhft2v] Deleted notes - when I've deleted a note on the EN service, but not recently sync'd EN for Android, the note browser opens to a "Web page not available" page - I guess there's a more user friendly way of dealing with this...
    [*:30qhft2v] Ink notes - thumbnails are generated for ink notes, so I guess the web service knows how to display them - can we not also return an image of the ink note to Android, so that at least they can be viewed?

That's it for now! More feedback when I've had more time to play ;)

Cheers, Mark

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I second the idea for a plain list view - virtually all of my notes are text, and there's just no reason for a thumbnail. The same thing goes for the Windows client as well, but it's not as big of a deal there because there's more screen space.

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The thumbnails are generated on the web service ... none of the mobile phones have the horsepower to render arbitrary notes into little thumbnail previews, so they all ask the service for the "web" thumbnails.

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I sent my log in but a side question. Is the homescreen widget supposed to work with the beta? Also should I have deleted the standard program before downloading the widget. It certainly has "apps organiser" confused, it thinks they are two programs though hitting "launch" on the standard will not work.

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The beta client does have a home screen widget, but you may need to delete the "ghost" of the old widget manually first, and then reinstall the replacement from the beta if you uninstalled one and reinstalled the other in quick succession.

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