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evernote use Too much space on C drive



I did save 'Evernote local files' on D drive with Older version Evernote. And also used "purge note content after it has not been viewed for 30 days".

But the new version evernote does not have these configurations.

My SSD C drive was full, and system crashed.

The size of evernote resource cache folder is 5 GB.


It seems to be saving all notes in resource cache.

How can I solve this issue? How can I move resource cache in other location?

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3 hours ago, wafe said:

How can I solve this issue?

You could try unclicking tools -> preferences -> save data at logout. I'm not sure whether the Windows version with no local caching currently gives you any advantages over the web version

3 hours ago, wafe said:

How can I move resource cache in other location?

You can't!

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I had this same problem.  C drive was filled.  Only had about 178MB left when Window 10 gave me a warning.

First I uninstalled EN10.x.  Then I renamed the EN cache folder in Appdata/Local/Evernote.  Then I ran the legacy Windows EN and that worked.  [I had not removed it.]  So I moved the cache folder to another drive.

Rebooted.  Legacy EN still worked.

So I need  to wait to see if that cache folder can be relocated.

PS: My boot drive is only about 250G SSD.  Cache folder was about 17G before removal.

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This should be more than enough, even if EN takes up 25GB.

The peak of free disk usage is when Windows itself updates - it usually keeps an image of itself, in case the update goes wrong. But this may be 15 or 20MB, typically.

Since I am not running the new version (still on legacy), I can't test it myself.

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And Windows needing lots of disk space when updating is a really good reason to be able to off-load the cache files to another location.  Like I said, I only have a 250G boot drive.

I do hope the team at EN gives us this ability.  Otherwise I'll be using the legacy desktop client until I build a new machine with a larger boot drive.


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