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Youtube interview with Ian Small


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At least he meanwhile got quite a Corona-hairstyle... 😉

conclusions for  me:

  • EN seems to be surprised by the number of problems, which didnˋt occure during beta testing, at least not this urgent or often
  • EN is willing to concentrate on fixing things for the next time
  • EN wonˋt spent very much time or energy for a minority of users (e.g. 1-3%), even though they might be power-users
  • EN plans to add functions and features, which a bigger number of users might have been looking for. This on a rather regulary base during the next 6 to 12 months...

o.k. - that could be worth waiting for (may be best with legacy or old versions...)


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1 hour ago, gazumped said:

25M actually use the app,  and 1-3% would be 250,000+ (presumably) paying users.  That's a lot of subscriptions to lose...

That's why I believe they will try to satify this group as much as possible anyway. But if I look at the responses I see many opinions that are diametrically opposed to each other.
E.g.: Some demand for more fonts and colours, others appriciate the simplified and unified options for editing and layouting text. Those (power) users who ask for Markdown would probably tend to the latter position.

I think (and hope...), a core set of productivity and workflow functions with a bit more integration in the operating systems will come back, others may not.

In some aspects the former EN may have been to arbitrary, this led to a very heterogeneous user base, which in hole now can't be satisfied anymore.

The worst thing for EN here is, that this part of the user base is obviously strong and willing to speak out loud in public.

On the other side maximum growth may easier be achieved with the the remaining 97 percent...

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