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(Archived) Bulk Tag Removal

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Tried searching the forum but haven't seen a specific answer to this as yet - hopefully I've missed it.

Is there currently, or plans to include, an option to bulk-remove a tag from a group of notes?

Sometimes I need to re-tag a group of items that may have been associated with a particular project tag, whose status has now changed, say to 'complete', and need to remove a tag such as "current" from all of that group.

I know I can do a saved search of course, but I don't want to have to build up a heap of saved searches designed entirely as "exclusive searches", just because EN can't simply remove a bunch of tags in one hit.

Otherwise in time, I'll have more "-tag:XXXXXX" searches than inclusive ones, which seems to undermine the organisational ability of EN.


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To avoid a lot of Saved Searches, I created a note called Evernote searches.

I store my less common searches into the note, along with a brief description.

Every now and then, when I need one of the saved searches for a project - I do a quick copy and paste into the search field.

Then I can edit the tags of the notes that meet the search criteria.

Instead of starting from scratch, a side benefit is this list helps in building more complex searches.

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I don't know about the mac. Probably should have posted there if you need client-specific help.

On the Windows client (for both 3.5 and 4.0 beta), I can make a selection in the Note list, and right-click on it; the right-click menu will contain an option to 'Tag...' -- which is the desired operation, and it also helpfully gives the hot key (Ctrl + Alt + T, as mentioned before). Perhaps the Mac client has a similar facility.


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