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Evernote 3 Beta (2008)



Hello everyone, 

I recognize that this forum is fairly old, however, I am looking for something from the past.  In particular, I am looking for an install package for EN 3.0 that is earlier than v3.0.0.788.  For example, I have seen references to and and  Any of those would work.  If you happen to have any of these install packages, can you let me know and send it to me?


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Hi.  Pete Kvitek (a former Evernote tech guru) saved some personal resources quite a while ago for really old databases.  This is my note of the use of the files plus the link where they (or maybe more up to date versions) might be found.  There's a readme file on the site too.  http://www.kvitek.com/en/

EN2Export.zip -- EverNote 2.x to Evernote 6.x database conversion tool.
EN2GBPatch.exe -- patches Evernote executable to support large memory addresses.
ENAPITest_120904.zip -- Evernote API sample source code.
ENImport.exe -- command line tool to import stuff into Evernote.
ENRepair.exe -- command line tool to repair EverNote 2.x databases.
EverNote_2.2.0.383_TP.exe -- EverNote 2.2 technical preview, original installer.
Evernote_3.1.0.1225.exe -- Evernote 3.1 original installer.
EverNote2_SxS.zip -- Evernote 2.3.401, modified to run alongside newer Evernote versions.
Sorry none of them quite fit your spec,  but I hope some of that might help...
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