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(Archived) Synced Data Lost?


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When 2.0 is first installed you need to sync all your data down. Some users have found that they need to sign out and sign back in again to make this work properly.

Once your account metadata is synchronized you should only have to download the changes that have occurred.

If you're experience a different behavior please let us know.

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Yes, I still have the problem. But it is not a problem according to your app. When you sign out it even gives a warning that this "will remove all your notes"

Why would you ever want to do this? Your notes should not be removed by the simple act of signing out.

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I'm usually not logging out, but I want the option to do so without having to download everything again. You need to give users choice! This is not Apple, this is Android, where people actually like to decide how they want to do things.

My phone has a 32gb card in it. Evernote is using 250mb of that. Even if my usage increased ten-fold, I would still be using less than 10% of my card capacity.

What possible reason could you have for not giving users the choice to delete information or not? If people are concerned about confidential information, they could certainly choose delete. If they are not, then it would be their option.

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Yes. the main reason from the past users is for security reason. Also, if you leave your data in phone for a long time after logout, it "may" corrupt your database when you re-login (or login into different account).

But I will log an enhancement for our Engineer to review.

Thanks for your comment.

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