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Helper Menu notes not available after upgrade

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I am on Mac High Sierra. Yesterday evernote prompted me for an update and like a novice I just hit to update. Now after updating to 10.x, the helper menu is just bringing up the application unlike before where I used to write my ongoing thoughts in the helper note.

Looks like with this upgrade, those notes in the helper are gone. Can someone suggest how I can get them back. Also how do I downgrade to a previous version. That is a version killer for me and I would rather stick to the old version.



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I also was surprised to find the Evernote Helper missing in an upgrade as I use it every day.  I saw all the warnings about not updating to the new version and accidentally did an update not thinking about it and now I am also in a world of pain and need to revert back to the previous version.

I also lost a few days of notes in my Evernote Helper that wasn't saved. Is there anyway of getting this note back which I was working on in Evernote Helper?

Also, how do I downgrade to the legacy version?



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