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Dark mode does not turn dark the window container

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Hi there,

Super happy of having finally dark mode on Windows. Just a question in case there is any solution. I've noticed that the window container does not turn dark with, is there any way to achieve this? Thx in advance!


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Thanks for the answer, I already was using it as you can see from the screenshot. 

In any case, I've found the way to do it through the settings here:  https://www.onmsft.com/how-to/how-to-get-dark-theme-title-bars-in-windows-10-without-changing-your-accent-colour

Basically you need to activate one checkbox that will apply the dark mode to window title bars. 

So mistery solved, thx!

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1 hour ago, simonvlc said:

Basically you need to activate one checkbox that will apply the dark mode to window title bars. 

Thanks! It was bothering me too and now it is fixed. Small victories. :) 

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It's a pity users have to do registry editing. Every other dark mode enabled Windows 10 app is capable of handling the container color. Even open source software as Thunderbird smoothly switches to complete dark mode automatically, when windows 10 is set to dark mode. So why not a paid app as Evernote. I pay for it. They should do the hacking.

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The scroll bar does not change color in the dark theme either. I want to believe that this will be fixed soon.

ps 10 version looks great, keep it up! Thanks.


pss, I changed my mind. The new version is horror. Wrote why in another topic.

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