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Please improve "merging of notes" by stitching multiple notes together (preserving links; instead of merging them)



How about getting rid of "merging"'s major flaw?

Let me explain. Let's say there is note "X" with content "xxxxxxxxx" and node "Y" with content "yyyyyyy".
If you "merge" them, you will get a completely new note with the content "xxxxxxxxx yyyyyyy".

So far, so not bad.

But imagine original "X" note was a lengthy, long living note. And there is another note "A" that holds an "internal link" to note "X".
As soon as "X" is merged, the original "X" note goes to recycle bin, and the internal link in note "A" becomes invalid.

Great, right? I don't think so.

So, how about "merging" just adds further notes to the first one? In this case, links (internal or external) to the - let's call it - "main note" prevail.

Thanks for considering.

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