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Anyone Else Thinking of Switching?

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7 hours ago, tony10000 said:

Made the switch to Notion, exported my EN data, and switched back to EN Basic.    Seems to be working great thus far.

How many notes did you migrate @tony10000? And how are you finding search?


Some interesting new developments in Notion announced this week.

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As a life-long programmer, software architecht and former CEO of a Nasdaq traded technology company...it is crystal clear to me what's wrong with the latest release of Evernote. They're trying to "syn

Hmmn.  I agree with half that statement.  My frustration with everyone's negative reaction so far has been that early adopters,  who had an option,  (with the exception of iOS) still chose to update t

No, I’m not thinking about switching currently. Evernote’s custom templates, note merge, multi platform access and tags system are exceptional and there is no near level equivalent. I tried notion but

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4 minutes ago, avevers said:

How many notes did you migrate @tony10000? And how are you finding search?


Some interesting new developments in Notion announced this week.

I have less than 1700.  Search seems to work OK, but I really don't access archived stuff that often and everything is is in a well defined folder structure.  So, no worries for me!

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On 10/28/2020 at 7:36 AM, Mountainside said:

...where they -used- to be with Evernote: Fast, seamless, with some kind of background "sync" process available to update things while not cutting in to the desktop user's productivity and valuable time.

I reported similar spinning issue on Android and the EN dev team released a fix within a week, so there is hope :)

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I had a free account that I rarely used.  Decided to upgrade because I was not happy with OneNote.  I paid an annual fee.  After several days, I deactivated my account, inadvertently, not realizing it could not be undone and I would not get my money back.  

They finally refunded my payment and I upgraded again.  I checked the monthly box and they charged me the whole annual amount.  Either their website is misleading or I just need to give it up, take my losses and leave this platform.

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The annual plan is set up to offer a cut to the subscriber vs. giving a more stable income to the company. This is why it can’t be canceled that easy, not at other companies and not at EN.

Personally I buy my subscriptions through Apples AppStore. It comes with a reminder for each subscription with enough lead time to be able to cancel. And when subscribing a new app, it allows for 14 days after subscribing to cancel the new subscription with a full refund. The function is a bit hidden, but Dr.G. will show the way, just in case 🤓

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1 hour ago, JudyW said:

I deactivated my account, inadvertently, not realizing it could not be undone

Hi.  It is possible to permanently close an account,  but deactivating it merely means it is archived and it is possible to reactivate the account if necessary.  I wouldn't say it's easy to do either one accidentally.  If Support got your account back it presumably had the payment settings you had originally created for a one-off payment hence another single debit.  You can check (and change) the details here. How to manage your Evernote subscription

If you still prefer your account to be paid monthly,  I'd suggest you reply to whatever emails you've been getting and point that out - Evernote are pretty reasonable,  and may be able to change the setup for you.  Monthly pay is not a hassle when done direct - I missed one payment recently (entirely my fault) and received a very polite request to sort out my payment method,  which I duly did.  I'm still here...

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On 10/13/2020 at 10:06 AM, gazumped said:

Since it's still possible to go back to the 'old' version of Desktop and Android.  I do think the best way to deal with the v10 update is to ignore it for a few months until it's more usable and stick with what we know and -kinda- love.

I am worried that Evernote seem to have an "I wonder if we really need that" attitude to some currently missing features - it seems to have been a surprise that users would need to email notes to others,  and use the Presentation mode to share data - so silence from the user-base might confirm their view and doom some previously standard options to oblivion.  But I see no reason to march over bridges before I have to - as long as the legacy version has support I'll be here.  

It shouldn't really come as a surprise to Evernote that people want to quickly and easily back up ALL their notes. Do they think this data doesn't really matter to people?

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