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(Archived) EN 2.0 Beta - Notes not syncing


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Set-up: EN 2 Beta, Nexus One, Android 2.2.1

I installed the beta yesterday(10/12). All my notes synced appropriately. I've changed the content of a number of notes(in Windows) since then, and none of them have made it to the phone. No notes marked 10/13. I manually synced EN but there are still no updates showing on the phone.

A somewhat related question. Settings contains 2 items. "Wi-Fi sync only" and "Use Network" that seem to be addressing the same issue. What is the difference?

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"Wi-Fi sync only" is related to synchronization, but "Use Network" is under the section about geolocation. If that option is checked, the phone will use your mobile phone network to try to determine your approximate location for marking notes.

Can you try rebooting your phone? Do the notes appear?

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Are these new tags that you created since you synchronized your Android phone, or are they tags that already existed in your account, but you just recently assigned them to a note?

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I'm also having problems syncing. I found if I make changes to a file using the window client, my changes aren't made to the EN 2.0 beta file after syncing manually. I have to logout and log backin for the changes to be reflected.

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I have the same problems, notes are not syncing and I can see some exceptions in log output. It seems there is some relationship between tags sync failure and notes sync. BTW I have 0 tags (don't use them)

I attached log to this post, hope it'll help to fix the issue ASAP. If it's not a right place for log, please let me know. I'm using Desire 2.2 SoftBank (Japan), Evernote beta 2.0 downloaded yesterday.


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