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I lost many of my notebooks

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Hi I recently logged into my Evernote account that I have been using for over 3 years only to find that many of my Notbooks and Notes I had been working on where no longer there. 


They do not even appear in the garbage can, I lost so many Notes of valuable work. 


To make it worse the Evernote Team does not provide any assistance, the chat for Premium members is not even available and there is no way to contact them over the phone.


This is terrible customer service and I am feeling really bad.

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7 minutes ago, Daniel Fehr said:

I found the .exb file from 8/12/20 which still contains most of my notes.

I'd worry that it may not be compatible with your new setup - that's (presumably) a Business account .exb file and you will be trying to open it with a normal premium account with - also presumably - a different ID.  Keep it as backup by all means,  but if you can possibly wait I suggest you get some advice from Support.

There are a few other Business users around here - maybe they will offer some advice.

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