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OneNote to Evernote migration?

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Installed are Microsoft OneNote for Microsoft 365 64-bit and Evernote 10.0.10 build 1835. How to migrate single OneNote sections to Evernote?

Why is there no meaningful documentation on this question?

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16 hours ago, Rogoc said:

Why is there no meaningful documentation on this question?

Evernote has been released less than a week.  It is not a Microsoft product.

As released, the current version will probably not allow a huge number of files to be imported - and as a Basic user you have limits of maximum 25MB per note,  and 60MB per month upload.

I'd suggest you try making new notes in Evernote to see whether it fits your use case,  and if so you could become a subscriber and convert your existing notes by exporting them from OneNote in one file format and importing them or copying them into Evernote.  You might need to install an older version of Evernote to do so - those instructions are here:  Install an older version of Evernote

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Here is an article about how to move content from OneNote to EN. 


Because the new rel. 10 is only a few weeks old, I am not sure whether the help article describes the new or the legacy version. The data base on the server is the same. An Import done with a legacy version will work in the new version as well.

There are differences between ON and EN. ON uses an indefinite canvas, for example, whereas EN uses a linear, website-like note format.

I would move one or two notes from ON first, import them into EN and play around a little to see how it fits the own use case.

The ability to import larger amounts of data is limited by a Basic account. One can go Premium for just one month to move up to 10GB of data, or make a full subscription for a year.



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