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(Archived) Device lost ability to sync email, calendar, etc.


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I've installed the new Beta and loved how many new features it came with, unfortunately, I noticed that after it fully synced my notes (with was a multi-hour affair), none of my other phone features would sync.

This includes gmail, calendar, twitter, weather. I can't even manually force a sync with those services. After removing evernote, things went back to normal.

I've tried reinstalling Evernote and even changed some of the sync settings within the program, but it doesn't seem to work.

Just having Evernote installed does not cause my sync issues, but I noticed that once Evernote is about 80% done it's own syncing, things break on the device apps end.

Any cause or reason for this?

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Sorry, I meant "device reboot" instead of "device reinstall"

In addition to the reinstalls, I had rebooted my phone at least twice. Only the app uninstall corrected it and I'm back to the previous version without issues.

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I tried it on my Droid phone and I get syncing from other apps.

I believe that you have an account with 5000+ notes in it. So, when you first login, it will start syncing and it will take a while (I mean, hr, if you have large notes as well).

We will have another build update at the end of this week (if everything works fine). I recommend you to install that build. Login to your account and leave the phone for a while. (You can check the phone's log (sendlog) to see if the phone is still syncing in the background). You may need to keep your phone power plug in and watch out for your SD card available space. After that process, you should use Evernote 2.0 like the way as Evernote 1.5. (or even better)

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I found the problem. It's not the SD card memory I needed to watch out for, it was the internal memory. I hadn't realized that Evernote takes up a whopping 20MB after the install and sync and it filled my device memory. It seems that if you drop below a certain device space, syncing stops until the space is made available. Obviously, the space was reclaimed after I uninstalled Evernote and syncing immediately resumed.

So the problem is on the Android end of it, not Evernote, but the size of the app + data on the device really needs to be reduced!

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