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Moving a note to another notebook is too complicated



In the current implementation, moving notes to another notebook is very inefficient.

From within a note:

1. When clicking on notebook title in the note I first need to select whether I would like to go to the notebook or move the note. —> this is already the first hurdle. It’s hard to imagine that when doing UX tests with real users (assuming that has been done) anyone stated that in order to go to a notebook they would do it via a note. I would expect to skip this step and directly be able to select another notebook.

2. Move note screen: almost okay. I would expect that the cursors defaults in the search field.

3. Notebook selection done, move notes screen still open until having confirmed with “Done” —> everytime I move a note I stumble across it, because I really expect that the screen closes after having selected a notebook. I understand that behavior for Tag selection, because several tags can be chosen. But for notebooks that doesn’t make any sense at all - it is just a useless additional tap.

From notes list:

2 and 3 from above apply. In addition to that, move notes is very far down in the list of actions that can be done after the swipe. I think editing tags, moving notes should be accessible more easily from there - assuming that most users perform those actions more regularly than deleting notes. 

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2 hours ago, MissArdbeg said:

In the current implementation, moving notes to another notebook is very inefficient. 

My preference is a simple list dropdown on the notebook at the top of the note     
i would drop the "Move Note" dialog and directly display a list of notebooksIMG_3753.jpeg.331fcb4de6a053a7c447c44d9580daf1.jpeg

This isn't a priority for me
I rarely use this feature; I'm a tagger

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You might edit the title to indicate notebook related

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I don't know if everyone agrees and I'm not an UX expert, but for me it's worst than before to "move a note from a notebook" in the new version of iOS.
Now when you're with an open note, you need 4 clicks/touches to move (attached a video with an example).
In my POV it's too many confirmations. If I'm not wrong, the previous version we could move a note with 2 clicks/touches. I understand that it was designed to avoid mistakes with moving to a wrong notebook, but I think it's too annoying to confirm every action. 
What are your thoughts?
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To move a note from one notebook to another, the following steps must be taken:
(1) Tap on the top left of the notebook 
(2) Move your finger/the mouse pointer to the very bottom (!!!)
(3) Tap on „Move note“.
(4) Only then the notebook selection opens.
(5) Tap on the destination notebook.
(6) Tap on "Done".
(7) Then a grey bar with "In ... shifted" will cover the view for 2 seconds.
If you move many notes to different notebooks and have to go these 7 steps each time, you will go crazy in the long run.
Why doesn't the selection menu open in the upper left corner?
Please work out an easier solution!

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Criticism is for sure the key to innovation, but let us sort it out:

  1. First you need to tell the app you want to do an action related to notebooks: Tap on the current notebook
  2. Then you get choices for the action (go to this notebook, move the note to another notebook). To make the GUI consistent, menus pop up at the bottom of the page. This means you don’t need to search around for menus, they are always at the bottom of the page. And there are menus with far more options - at the bottom of the page, because they will not block the View there.
  3. You choose the action, the selection of notebooks is opened, you choose it, the note is moved.
  4. Done.

You don’t like it, I see a general logic behind it that makes it easier for me to use the app on different platforms. The way it is done is always the same, not in one case like this, in another like that, leaving us wondering what to expect. Here it is always done by the same procedure.

IMHO the app has far more serious issues than a tap here, a tap there, in a process that indeed works.

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8 hours ago, PinkElephant said:


  1. You choose the action, the selection of notebooks is opened, you choose it, the note is moved.

If it would work this way, it would made sense. Step 3 from my outline above requires an additional unnecessary confirmation step. 
I completely agree with you that there are more urgent issues to resolve like bugs and removed functionalities. I also think that this forum is intended to point out improvements and newly introduced UX flaws. Since I use Evernote for my GTD flow and rely on processing notes quickly, additional steps for changing notebooks and setting tags and reminders are a huge annoyance. 

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consistency of UI is good, make sense, but if things getting tooo complicated, sometimes it makes even more sense to do things different - just take a look to the Mac version, there is no need to move the pointer from the top to the buttom to just move a note to a different notebook. I know, Mac is different to mobile device (different screen sizes) - but, using the legacy version on my iPhone to verify how easy it is to move a note there...

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