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Hundreds of entries in Access History discovered after someone logged into my account



I received an email from Evernote last night saying that someone logged into my Evernote from Indonesia. I immediately went to my account, but initially couldn't get in because this android phone in Indonesia was taking up one of my two available (free account, but have been premium in past) login devices.  Thankfully, I was able to choose to log that phone out and get into my account. It appeared to be undisturbed, but I do have some sensitive info in there, so now I have that to worry about (no nudes, I swear :)

Additionally, when I tried to set up 2-factor authorization, as advised by the email from Evernote of what to do in this situation, it said they were sending my cell phone a code I was to enter, but I never received a text with a code.

So next, again, on Evernote email advice, I checked my access history.  This is where I get pissed at Evernote.  Hundreds--not exaggerating -- hundreds of entries from just about every damn country in the world is in my access history.  I checked my email--I never received notification of these attempts. I sure as hell hope they were only attempts. I promptly upgraded my iCloud storage, because I'm confident that that is secure, bought one month of premium Evernote, because for the life of me I couldn't export with my free account, and exported 2000+ notes out of Evernote and deleted them from Evernote, and emptied the trash.

Have I done everything possible? Any suggestions? And who do I complain to about the complete lack of notification or the breaches to my account over the past couple of months???? 

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