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new version evernote creates imported notebook for each note

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thanks. we use 3 fujitsu scansnaps in the office. 2 s500 and 1  ix1500. all was working fine with 6.25.

we highlight a notebook and evernote brings the scan directly to the highlighted notebook. all good.

with new version 10 that is all out the window.  now, regardless of which notebook is highlighted,

evernote makes a unilateral decision. that decision is to create a new notebook with each and every scan.

the new notebook is called "(imported) xxxxxxxx" with the x's denoting numbers.  So, for example, 10 documents

are scanned while highlighting a notebook called "Jones". When the dust settles, we have 10 brand spanking new

notebooks each with its own name: "imported (xxxxx1), imported (xxxx2).... etc. 

Isn't that special?  I was able to download the previous version so that we can continue scanning.

Like my dad said, "nothing is easy". thanks for any input..~sholom

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I have exactly the same issue. Installed v10 a few days ago. Have been using Fujitsu ix500 for years with Evernote and since the update it's not working as it's supposed to. Scanning to a notebook creates a new notebook "imported" as described above instead of just importing to the selected notebook. Would really appreciate a fix for this. Can not work this way.

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