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I hate the new version



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This is the result of two years worth of work and a very long closed beta, followed by a very short open beta. This? I'm not sure I see them coming back from this. One thing that prevented me from moving on last year was my heavy use of the import folder. Well, that's gone. 

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After 9 years of premium membership (not necessary, but just to give Evernote the opportunity to continue development) this year, I stop. This version and the time it takes to release is awkward.
The time taken to released is embarrassing
The number of missing features is embarrassing (the large but above all small ones that make the previous version really productive)
But above all, it is embarrassing that Evernote corp tried to pass the new version as a good step forward. I feel made fun of. Maybe I am one of those power users who use the application in a strange and intense way, maybe I am not part of the mass that uses only 3 functionalities, maybe I am wrong.
Well, the wrong one won't give you more money if by January (when my subscription expires) you don't make me change my mind.


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