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(Archived) Pdf viewer force close


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I've just installed the latest beta and I'm really happy with the improvements but I have one problem.

I keep getting force closes from my pdf reader when I try to view pdf within my notes. I've installed a few other readers and they all force close doing the same thing. I this my phone or a possible bug?


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I tried this on my Droid, and the PDF opened correctly in the bundled PDF viewer (QuickOffice).

Could you describe what you see a bit more? You click on the PDF from within Evernote, and then your PDF viewer launches and immediately crashes?


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I open the pdf by clicking on the link to it within a note. I then get a popup saying " this application has closed unexpectedly, please try again. " in can either force close or report from there. If I look in the report it mentions this : java.Lang.Securityexception and looking at the crash report its a readexception.

I'd copy the crash report for you but I don't know how from this phone. HTC desire btw on 2.2

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