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„Search in note“ doesn’t work

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Find In Note on my iPhone update 14 & EN update 10.4 does not work in any of my 12,000 Old Notes BEFORE 10.4 update.  0 hits displayed but “find in note” result is highlighted in the Note but the Note is darkened or shadowed & “frozen” and won’t unfreeze.  

Find In Note seems to work 95% of the time in my Notes created AFTER the EN 10.4 update (on my iphone)

Support provided a prompt & courteous reply stating that SEARCH works well.

Unable to PRINT note using standard “share” PRINT command (no longer available) & support said PRINT not available in IOS (for now).

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I can say this isn't resolved, at least not in my case, with the WIN client, version 10.1.4, build 1880. 
I use the 'Find Within Note' and even if I type an obvious word, like 'the' or 'and' - the results windows states No Results. But - I can SEE those results as highlighted text if I scroll throughout the note. I need to be taken to the 'found' text, jsut like it used to work.
Find within note is a critical function.


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