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Why can't I use my Evernote app unless I upgrade

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I thought Evernote was free? Why all of a sudden is it asking me to upgrade? I only use it on my phone. 

It says update to continue using.

When it says unsync device stay with your current plan, what does that mean? I'm scared to do it in case I lose all of my notes.

I would share a picture but it won't allow me to.

Please help 

Kind regards

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On 10/9/2020 at 12:57 PM, Katrina ross said:

When it says unsync device stay with your current plan, what does that mean?

Go to your Evernote account settings and check the device list739538237_ScreenShot2020-10-12at2_53_36PM.png.7ad5cc34077410ecdca22973fb70c907.png
Revoke access to any devices that don't belong to you

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@Katrina ross To say it more clearly: The message can be a sign that somebody learned your login data, and hacked themselves into your account.

To get rid of them, use the browser based EN web client, go to your account settings  and first change your password.

Then check whether unknown devices are listed. If yes, deauthorize them. Set up 2 factor authentication to secure the account further.

The account login data has come from somewhere else. If you reuse your login, go to all services where you use them, and change each one to an  individual login. A password manager can help you to generate good passwords, and keep track of them.

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