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A few issues/bugs that I spotted in the new Evernote Windows app

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Hello Evernote Team,
I updated to the latest Evernote Windows version yesterday. Here are some of the issues I found so far. I have tried not to repeat the same stuff that others have already pointed out.
  1. Clipped bookmarks can't be edited in the new editor.  It is possible to do so in the legacy version.
  2. Since it is not possible to clip content to existing notes, I manually copy the bookmarks and paste them in existing notes when needed. In the legacy version, pasting bookmarks was no different from clipping them. In the new version, manually pasting a bookmark results in loss of formatting. Strangely, if I press undo (Ctrl + Z) after pasting, the bookmark gets its formatting back  (How I manually paste bookmarks - Open a webpage - Click the Evernote extension - Select Bookmark - Use mouse to select the bookmark that appears - Go to Evernote and manually paste it in an existing note)
  3. When I clip a bookmark, the card is displayed with a globe icon and Web Clip title next to it. When I manually paste a bookmark, the card has a paste icon and HTML Content title. Is there a way to make both of them look consistent? In the legacy version, both operations result in the same content and formatting.
  4. When in Dark Mode, some bookmark titles are displayed with the wrong background and color. For example, when I manually copy-paste multiple bookmarks to a single note, this is how it looks in the new version.


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