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I have an old version of evernote, why?

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I use evernote on my Mac, and I downloaded it on my PC. To my surprise, the PC version is version 10, and I checked the mac App store or download version for mac, and they are version 10 also.

I'm at version 7, and it says i have the latest version when I check for update. Why is that? Can I safely update my download version?

Should I delete it and switch to the mac app store version? Please advise.

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21 minutes ago, Brakkar said:

Should I delete it and switch to the mac app store version?

I also run Catalina; on an even older device

Deleting the app will certainly force a new download
First review the feedback in these forums before making a decision

I prefer installing from the Evernote web site (www.evernote.com/download)

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I went ahead and updated. At first upset not having the sync button, and the settings... I like the look and feel of version 10 so i'll keep it. I also switched to mac app store version for ease of update and notifications.

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