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Search inside a PDF, why is this removed?



In the old ios version you could open a pdf in evernote and then tap on the magnifying glas to search. the option to search inside a PDF in v10 is now gone? Why???, this was such a useful feature. Please bring this back.

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Hi.  v10 seems to be a work-in-progress.  AFAIK we have no information on what features will return and when,  but Evernote seem to be indicating "soon".

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Hi guys, I'm really desperate. Searching the PDFs was the only REASON why I pay the subscription. It is an indispensable and wonderful feature, because it has been removed?

And then I wonder, do we only regret this feature? There should be a riot of all premium and non-premium users.

Why did they take it off? So Evernote becomes a very common notes app that doesn't deserve money unfortunately ...

Do you know if there is any news?

Thanks a lot

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I think nobody outside of EN understands why they force replaced a working setup by this down-stripped version.

At least search still finds the note with the pdf. But you are lost if the pdf is large, or if there are several pdfs in one note.

If it is a large pdf, a workaround is to download it to files, open it with another app, and search it there. If OCR/text data is embedded this will work. It will not work if the OCR was done by EN, because this OCR data is not exported.

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