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Request: Reorder Sidebar (or put "All Notes" at top... or shortcut to All Notes/Reminders)



Sorry for the confusing title, but these are all related.  For my purposes, I would really like to have a quicker/easier way to get to the All Notes/Reminders tab.  There are a few ways to solve this with new features that could be beneficial for all users:

1) Allow Reordering of the Sidebar:  for me, I would drag "All Notes" to the top... others may prefer to have tags or notebooks above shortcuts, so on the Mac app, it would be great to have the ability to move these around.

If not...

2) Put "All Notes" at the top:  Even though the purpose of these new apps was to provide consistency between the operating systems, this is one area where the iOS app diverges from the Mac app.  On iOS, "All Notes" is at the top, above the shortcuts list, and this is where I think it should be by default on Mac if we are not allowed to reorder the sidebar.  Most users keep the shortcuts list expanded, and this can get lengthy for me.  Therefore, I have to scroll down a good bit to get to "All Notes" to access the "Reminders" tab.


3) Add "Reminders" as a sidebar option that takes you directly to All Notes/Reminders.  This would help eliminate a click.  The old iOS app had that, and it would be great to see this brought back to the iOS app and added to the Mac sidebar.

Or... solve my problem with...

4) Fix Inability to sort Saved Searches by Reminder Date.  For my use case, the only reason I need to go to the All Notes/Reminders tab is to see a list of all reminders sorted by due date.  If the new Evernote would fix the inability to sort saved search results by Reminder date (which they indicated was coming during the Beta), then I could just add the Saved Search for reminder to the top of my Shortcuts list and have it at the top like I want it... and I could assign a keyboard shortcut of Cmd+1 through 9 to access if placed in the top spots!  (However, I still think it makes sense to allow reordering of the sidebar or putting "All Notes" at the top)

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These are essential.   

Most importantly we must have a way to COPY INTERNAL LINK/COPY APP LINK on iPad!!!!  the current version means syncing is a disaster with laptops -- links set up on iPad take us to website instead of internal app... huge problem, slows down work flow ENORMOUSLY


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