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(Archived) EN 2.0 note download fail and formatting problems


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Hi there, I've started checking out your BETA for fun and have come across a couple things worth mentioning.

First, I attempted to open a note and for whatever reason it failed to download over 3g, leaving me with a "empty" note, that only carries the meta-data. Now every subsequent time I open the note it is still empty, because I presume the app believes the note to be cached.

Seccond, notes that are rich in formatting don't wrap at all when their zoomed to any level larger than the original formatting. For example, I've clipped a portion of a web page and that page looks accurate at the full "zoomed out" but when I zoom in (double tap to zoom doesn't seem to be functioning) the text overlaps and gets garbled.

I have to say that the app looks fantastic though! Great job guys, I'll try to be pretty regular posting issues.



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