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Not syncing


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Android beta v10 (1105748)

Installed OK, looks good in terms of displaying etc

BUT it's not syncing

The android beta reports 5892 notes in "All Notes", but my Windows desktop client reports 5445 - this probably represents the fact that earlier in the week I did a "purge" of some old/redundant notes...
Similarly my android beta InBox note count is 39, but my Windows desktop clients reports 44

I am 100% confident that the Windows client is reporting correctly.
I have tried the "Sync Bow" option in the android beta, but the arrows just keep going round and round..

This performance is not encouraging 

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The sync on the Android Beta seems to have cleared.
I uninstalled and reinstalled the Beta a couple of times and then left it  for most of the day and when I looked at it in the evening it had finally synce and was in line with my desktop client.

So far it seems to be working OK - taking a bit of getting used to the new layout, etc...
Seems a bit slow on initial load and displaying the initial view of "All Notes"

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