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All Images In Table Cells Are Gone

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Updated to the new version on Mac. I have a few notes with images pasted into table cells. Now all of the images are replaced with the text 'Untitled Image'. I can't load the text. Same issue on web. If I switch back to Classic editor, the image is now replaced with a long AWS link. If I try to go to the AWS link, I can't access that directly either.

Also sent a support ticket for this, but this is a ridiculous bug to deal with. I have exams in a week and that table structure feeds all my studying and flashcards.



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@dcampbell Thanks for letting us know.

I've located the support ticket you opened and expedited the urgency on it.

You should be hearing back from someone soon.

Also, do you see any versions in your Note History that have the files/images?

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I'm sorry to hear that 😔

Scary stuff, I am seeing a bunch of these data loss type messages all over the 10.x forum. Corrupt PDFs, broken links, lost data, duplication. It's like they didn't test this at all.

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On 10/8/2020 at 8:42 PM, dcampbell said:

No, png. They were screenshots I had taken.

Thanks again for reporting this. We apologize for this experience and will continue to investigate this issue.

Do you recall which app you used to capture these screenshots? 

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