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Bring Back the Alphabet Bar!!!!

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You did it again. You took away the alphabet bar in the file name area. Now it takes a lot more time to find a specific note. Even when I do I search, the results are not in alphabetical order. What gives! Makes using Evernote very hard! It took over 8 months to get it back the last time!!!

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As a Premium user it infuriates me that you again have removed  the alphabet index bar for IOS version of Evernote. This make finding my notes inside multiple notebooks so much more difficult. You removed the index feature once before and the EN community complained loudly and the index was restored. One would think you’d have a clue that this is an important feature which EN users reply on. 

I too will be looking for an alternative platform for future use if the alphabet bar is not restored for IOS devices post haste.

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