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(Archived) Evernote Beta not closing down properly

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This week I upgraded the beta to the most recent release and ever since I have noticed Evernote.exe running in the WinXP Pro task list and I can not terminate the process via Task Manager and Terminate Process Thread! It is using up to 70% of the CPU at times! The only way I can regain control of my machine is to restart Windows which is not an easy task in itslef in that Windows can take up to 5 minutes to try to shutdown. The thing is that I can start up the Windows Evernote application when this problem occurs so I do not know why Evernote.EXE is running when the application appears to startup and exits properly!

XP Pro w 2GB of memory on AMD X2 3500+ CPU

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Does Evernote do some image indexing or synchronizing while it takes up CPU resources?

When this happens the application is not suppose to be running. It does not show in my system tray and I only discover it because of system problems and find it in my tasklist and discover EVERNOTE.EXE is running for some reason and using all these CPU cycles.

Are you able to open Evernote application window itself to see what's going on?

The application window opens and I see nothing out of the ordinary, however at the time as a I indicated above I was had no idea Evernote was running, since it is configured NOT to start on bootup. I was performing some other task and wasnt even using Evernote.

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Happened again and this time I noticed like before the Evernote icon was not in Systray. However I was still able to start Evernote and noticed that it was attempting to authenticate. Like before the computer had to be rebooted to regain control.

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