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"Save view" - Ability to have different views for different notebooks



We seem to have lost the ability to save different views/sorting for different notebooks. This is disappointing - I definitely use different notebooks in different ways (Inbox = date-based, Archive = title-based, for example).

Please return this functionality (right after you've fixed the completely MASSIVE text/whitespace issue).

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One of the big features of the native windows client removed here. Ridiculous to sort manually each time after switching notebooks. I wonder, if Evernote devs or management really uses their own software honestly. 

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As a 10 years premium Evernote, I am utterly disappointed with the new version of the Evernote. Where the  Remember View Settings option?? Please get you act together. I understand the idea behind unifying all the apps. "Remember View Settings" is one of the most important feature for me. And I want to see it on all version of Evernote (Mac, iOS and Windows).


Thank you!

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