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Restore Expanded Card View



I really like the old expanded card view. It is easy to navigate, visually appealing, while showing previews of each articles. I don't have to look into each title to find what I need. This is a good design and I love it. The new Evernote 10.0 resolves many problems, lays a solid foundation for future updates. I hope the expanded card view can return in the new Evernote.

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I agree, I love the expanded card view. I mostly use Evernote on desktops (Windows and Mac) and I hate having my note shown all the time. I just need the cards with the title and small body snippet to find what I need.

Since I use Evernote for work displaying the note can actually cause me problems if I have to pull up a note to show someone something but have notes that have confidential information. If it is only the note titles and a small bit of the body it is less likely sensitive information is shown.

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Agree, I just started using Evernote desktop again after a break of a few years (due to former employer blocking it on work PC) and the main thing I wanted to use again was the card view, it was for me one of the best ways to scan through notes and trigger creativity.  There was no reason to remove it.   I've been forced to use One Note by my company and I hated the lack of a single screen view of multiple notes like card view.     This is a deal breaker for me and sadly I will start looking at other note apps now. 

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