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Restore Expanded Card View



I really like the old expanded card view. It is easy to navigate, visually appealing, while showing previews of each articles. I don't have to look into each title to find what I need. This is a good design and I love it. The new Evernote 10.0 resolves many problems, lays a solid foundation for future updates. I hope the expanded card view can return in the new Evernote.

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I agree, I love the expanded card view. I mostly use Evernote on desktops (Windows and Mac) and I hate having my note shown all the time. I just need the cards with the title and small body snippet to find what I need.

Since I use Evernote for work displaying the note can actually cause me problems if I have to pull up a note to show someone something but have notes that have confidential information. If it is only the note titles and a small bit of the body it is less likely sensitive information is shown.

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