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Can't Use Keyboard to Check Boxes When Web Clipper For Chrome (Mac) is Active

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There seems to be some sort of bug in the clipper from the Chrome Web Store (though I'm actually using Brave as my browser) where if the web clipper is active, checkboxes on websites can only be filled using a mouse or trackpad. It's not possible to check boxes using the space bar unless the web clipper is disabled. 

The web clipper is definitely the culprit here. If every single extension is disabled, the keyboard shortcut works. If every extension but the clipper is enabled, the keyboard shortcut works. If the clipper is the only extension enabled, the shortcut fails. If the clipper and all other extensions are enabled, the shortcut fails.

This is rather minor, but it's surprisingly disruptive of my workflow. I'd love to know if there is some tweak I can do to get around this. 


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This seems to still be a problem, i've spent hours trying to understand why a checkbox on my website will not work with the keyboard, only to find out it's my own browser extension that is interfering.  Is this an open bug, if it was reported back in December 2020?

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