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Restore Applescript Support - Answer: not yet available



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Apple Script is not supported on any release of v10 until now, including v10.34 Mac.

Personally I doubt it will be supported ever again. I searched a bit among other Electron based apps when v10 launched. Not a single one advertised support for Apple Script. This does not prove it would be impossible - but for whatever reason devs using Elektron seem to work without allowing it.

In another thread we have an ongoing discussion about enabling the Shortcuts app. Since it is now on the Mac as well, it could help to get at least some automation done.

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Is there any answer on this at this point regarding applescript support in EN? I used to use a send  files to evernote from finder applescript which has been broken for years as opposed to an evernote import folder. Always felt faster- has anyone discovered a workaround for this other than the import folder? 


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It is not there, and it will not return. I give this statement a very high probability, as a user without inside knowledge. This is why:

When v10 launched, I checked several other apps based on Electron. That’s the framework used for v10. None had scripting support among its features. So I think it is a property of the framework that scripting is not possible.

For an official answer, ask EN support.

The import folders are the proper way to add files to the client. I found it really snappy - I drop a file there, and it shows within seconds.

Import folders are not the tool to bulk import files. Drop 10, maybe 20 at a time, then wait until the notes were created.

To import several files into one single note, use the „File“ option behind the blue + menu.

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